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The Los Angeles Kings, a two-time Stanley Cup-winning NHL franchise, pride themselves on a highly successful on-ice product. In an effort to improve internal communications and interactions with fans, the Kings chose a Mitel solution for a seamless experience.
Customer Success

“I would absolutely recommend Mitel products for other NHL teams and other professional sports teams," said Kelly Cheeseman, Chief Operating Officer for the La Kings. "It’s perfect for our type of operation. Our sales and marketing teams have to hustle to sell out and operate games. Whether we’re at our arena or in our offices, we have a lot of customers trying to get a hold of us and it’s a perfect product.”

    • An efficient preview, progressive, power and  predictive dialer
    • Intuitive, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-modify call scripting
    • Effective methods of data import/export
    • A solution that would integrate with their CRM
    • Meaningful statistics on agent, data and dialer performance
    • Smoother workflows created by improved communications between sales, marketing  and customers
    • Enhanced day-to-day customer experience made possible by integration with CRM system
    • Increased flexibility and productivity for operations during sellout games because of better staff mobility


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