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Each year, the university welcomes tens of thousands of students to its campus, causing huge spikes in usage during course registration sessions. The ability of staff and students to communicate during this time is critical in setting up a successful semester. They needed a high-capacity system with the flexibility to keep up with these periods of high demand without paying extra for the rest of the year.


The university had been using Mitel solutions for decades and had recently updated its telephony hardware across the campus. They wanted to upgrade their software to match their communications lifecycle, allowing them to expand their capacity during high-volume intervals. Already familiar with Mitel’s competitive product line-up and ease of use, they were attracted to the flexibility and choice offered by a demand-based subscription model. They were also drawn to the cost benefits of a subscription option, enabling them to use an OpEx model, which is generally more cost-effective, scalable, and easier regarding budget approvals. 


With D&S Communications, their longtime Mitel partner, the university decided to upgrade to Mitel MiVoice MX-ONE Subscription v7, which supports next-generation 911 and cloud integration, among other new features. This flexible subscription model provides the university with many choices. They can seamlessly add licenses during peak periods, enabling them to scale as volume ebbs and flows. Its efficient, single-point-of-entry management suite eliminates the need for time-consuming manual updates, reducing the demand on IT staff. The streamlined pricing structure offers predictable monthly expenses, minimizing the total cost of ownership for the greatest return on their investment.

The beauty of the Mitel solution is that it lends itself to constant upgrades. With 20,000 extensions, other systems might have required quite a few forklifts to meet the additional requirements during peak times. But with Mitel MiVoice MX-ONE, you can adapt to any number of users, from 50 to 500,000. It’s such a flexible product.

- Manuel Taveira, National Sales Director, D&S Communications, Inc.

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