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NHS Grampian

Having an effective communication infrastructure in place is crucial for NHSG. The ability to easily access updates on health and care is becoming more important as NHSG move towards a fully digital environment. It is also important for NHSG staff to stay connected with each other and be able to provide much needed information promptly and effectively to patients when required.

Managing the health and well-being of a community can be a challenge, especially when that community consists of over half a million people with varying levels of health care requirements. The need for an effective telecommunications system that empowers members of the organization to communicate at an optimal level and complements the current infrastructure is crucial. NHSG is also very closely linked with both the University of Aberdeen and The Robert Gordon University, especially in the fields of research, workforce planning and training.

NHS Grampian’s Telecoms Manager, Derek Adie commented “with the COVID pandemic we had more phone calls and telecommunication than in-person consultations/meetings so the need for effective software to manage the voice network was at an all-time high.”
  • The Enterprise Management software that was in place used Windows 2008 which is no longer supported by our servers which created challenges
  • The team required enhanced visibility daily
  • Need to visualize trunk usage and license consumption
Install Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA)



  • Enhanced visibility of all 96 sites
  • Notified of alerts immediately
  • Ability to log into specific numbers to see all associated information for that particular phone
  • Used for fault finding – can now easily identify the lines that were maxing out


With the help of the Mitel Performance Analytics solution NHS Grampian is now able to do even more than initially anticipated. The ability to have faster problem detection and resolution, simplified management of their large network, comprehensive testing tools, better use of IT resources and a consolidated NOC view of all alarms, issues and tasks allows them to reallocate saved time and energy into other areas of business productivity.

The increased visibility allows NHS Grampian to move from reactive management to proactive management and effectively handle issues when they arise as opposed to after they have already impacted the business.

“Our team uses the product on a daily basis and the support we have received has been exceptional from day one.” - Rob Merson, Engineer at NSHG.

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