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Raytown Quality Schools 

Raytown Quality Schools in Kansas City, Missouri has about 9,000 students and 1,400 employees across 25 facilities. Their aging phone system desperately needed to be replaced with an easy-to-use system with better mobility, so they turned to Mitel.

“One of the big benefits of Mitel that we really enjoy in our district is the MiCollab soft client that can go on our mobile devices," said Melissa Tebbenkamp, Director of Instructional Technology. "With it, our principals and administrators are able to stay connected to their offices even when they’re not there.”

  • Aging phone system required a replacement that would be easy to use, administer, and support
  • Principals and administrators faced critical need for mobility in order to stay connected when working outside the office
  • User-friendly solution with over 1,400 handsets in classrooms across the district
  • Mobility and collaboration tools give principals and administrators an in-office experience no matter where they are
  • Virtualized data center with high reliability of uptime
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure

Raytown Quality Schools is a tier one suburb of the Kansas City metropolitan area in Missouri. We have approximately 9,000 students, 1,400 employees. We cover 35 square miles and have 25 facilities.

Our old phone system was aging, and we wanted to make sure that by
the time that we reached into support, we had a system in place that would meet the needs of our district. So we had to find a solution that was easy for the end user, easy for our staff to support, and also provide a high reliability about time for us.

Mitel really provided the functionality that we needed end to end. It allowed us to virtualize at our data center, which is really important for us, but also allowed us to have the functionality in the classroom and at the office level that we needed. It allowed our administrators to have the mobility, and it also came with really,
really high recommendations from our trusted partner Allegiant.

Our overall Mitel solution includes over 1,400 handsets in our classrooms, the MiCollab client on all of our desktops, and the virtualized infrastructure in our data center. Now that we've had the system in place, we haven't had to make any sacrifices or make any changes to the way that we like to do business in order to accommodate our phone system. One of the big benefits to Mitel that we really enjoy in our district is the Micollab soft client that can go on our mobile devices. With that our administrators and our principals are able to stay connected to their office even when they're not there.

The Mitel Allegiant Youth Technology Program has been a wonderful experience for the district.

When I first started the program I ended up doing about 120 hours over the summer. And one of the major components of the youth program was assisting the Raytown School District during their cut over day to provide customer service and technical support to anyone that needed it. The youth program certainly made a big difference in my life, simply because I was able to figure out through this that there's something I'm good at and I can apply myself through college to get a job or a career in a similar field with this. And I can thank the people at the Raytown School District, Mitel, and Allegiant for helping me do that.

From a small school district to a large district, like Raytown, Mitel has a customizable solution that really will meet any school's needs. I would say that Mitel is a partner for Raytown quality schools, that really believes in why we're here for our business. They really believe in our students. They proved that through their investment in the Youth Technology Program, and they really do try to understand the school system and how we do our business and what our needs are to make sure that they're providing not just a solution, but the right solution through a partnership with us.

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