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Schoology is a Leading Product Roadmap Software Maker providing a web-based learning management system used by students and teachers of all levels across the globe. With 50% of its workforce working remotely, it needed a unified system that could be intuitive for all users.


Prior to choosing RingCentral, the employees at Schoology had a tough time dealing with various issues with the previous provider during their peak season. Getting technical support is imperative to its businesses, and system downtime or waiting on technicians for long hours to troubleshoot issues is not an ideal option. Having a unified system that can be managed remotely is also essential, because Schoology has a large remote workforce.

“Fifty percent of our sales team works from remote or home offices,” - Amar Shrivastava, Vice President of Finance and Administration.  


RingCentral provided a reliable phone system that worked for the employees, in and outside of the office.

  • To find a unified scalable communication system, that can support the global workforce as Schoology continues to grow. 
  • To get immediate customer support during any glitches or system downtime, considering the nature of the business. Implement a user-friendly solution.
  • With the RingCentral mobile app, employees at Schoology can stay connected to their colleagues and customers—regardless of location. Adoption of solutions that provide the most value for customers and the council.
  • Administrators can easily add new users to the system without extensive training or help from external technicians. Users can change their own settings—which is particularly useful for the remote sales team.

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