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With dozens of locations and nearly 2 million acres of timberland, SPI faced some significant communication challenges. Seamless collaboration was crucial for maximizing productivity, maintaining an outstanding customer experience and ensuring safety during an emergency. However, their disparate and antiquated Avaya and Nortel PBX systems made communications difficult.

When searching for the right communications solution, SPI was disappointed with the options offered by Avaya, NEC and 3com. In addition, Cisco was too expensive considering the lack of capabilities offered by their system and too complex, requiring greater support from outside the company. Fortunately, SPI discovered that Mitel had a robust, cost-effective system meeting all of their requirements and easily managed with in-house resources.

"When the users saw they could have all these features they didn't have, they were saying 'Let's move to this now.'"
- Chris Gumm, Senior Network Engineer at SPI

    • Up-to-date, secure communications system that's consistent across all locations
    • Simple system management
    • Greater flexibility and more productivity-boosting features for employee communications 
    • Updated communications capabilities, including instant messaging, auto-attendant, mobility and conference calling
    • Simplified management across dozens of locations
    • Increased security and reduced exposure to fraud
    • Improved ability to contact employees during emergencies, increasing safety and reducing downtime
    • Better call management and on hold messaging


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