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Taft School

Founded in 1890 as a private boarding and day school, Taft School is located on a 226-acre campus in Watertown, Connecticut. The school's legacy communications system had limited capabilities, was not optimized for safety, required costly upgrades and was difficult to rewire when offices moved. To correct these issues and increase reliability and flexibility, Taft School chose Mitel cloud solutions.

At first, Taft School was reluctant to migrate its communications to the cloud. However, after seeing a demo of Mitel's cloud-based phones, the school decided it was the right choice due to the dependability and capabilities of the phones.

After deploying MiCloud Flex, Taft School no longer had to conduct periodic (and costly) upgrades and reduced their phone lines to about 500, saving $1,000 per month. On a tight education budget, that difference was huge.

  • Upgrade legacy systems that had limited capabilities and required major, costly upgrades
  • Implement a solution with more points of service and a better way of gathering information in the event of an emergency
  • Reduce strain on IT teams
  • Reliable, scalable unified communications system
  • Cost savings on servers, upgrades and DID (direct inward dialing) numbers
  • Improved business continuity and flexibility for IT
  • Enhanced responsiveness and focus in the event of an emergency

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“MiCloud [Flex] provides the flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use that we were looking for. The broad range of customizable options, including conferencing, messaging and mobility, give us the right tools to increase productivity, enhance safety and maximize our IT investment.” Frank Trosky, Systems Administrator for Taft School

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