Western Health & Social Care Trust

Western Health & Social Care Trust is a health organisation in Northern Ireland, employing over 12,000 staff. The Trust is a longstanding Mitel customer using Mitel’s solutions for many years with great success across the complex and geographically disparate estate. Mitel’ flexible technology has enabled the Trust’s telecoms team to tailor, adapt and design Mitel’s solutions specifically for individual use cases.

Integrated & Unified Technology for Seamless Communication


The Trust is spread over several sites and departments. By deploying Mitel’s solutions, they have integrated and unified our technology for seamless communication between all Trust staff. By tailoring the Mitel technology, they have also delivered enormous benefits to both staff and patients across Western Health and Social Care Trust. Employees now spend less time trying to connect and more time engaged in productive communications with patients.


"By deploying Mitel’s solutions, we have integrated and unified our technology for seamless Communication between all Trust staff."

- Neil Cassidy Telecoms Manager, Western Health and Social Care Trust



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  • The Trust has many different departments with specific communications requirements
  • With over 12,000 employees, voice communications need to be simple and easy to use
  • Mitel’s communications solutions enable maximum integration, functionality and customisable features
  • Robust resilience and heightened security is essential for the Trust’s business continuity
  • MiVoice Business
  • MiCollab for Unified Communications and Mobility
  • MiContact Centre which integrates with a customised patient app
  • Mitel Assistant for MS Teams integration in the future strategy plan
  • A reliable and robust IP telephony and UC platform for the entire Trust
  • Improved staff and patient outcomes due to ease of communications
  • Enhanced productivity and operational efficiency using a single, unified service
  • A better user and patient experience through customised collaboration tools and apps
  • Improved resilience and reliability, maximising uptime and scalability

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