Pandemic Learnings - 2021 Roadmap for Digital CX


As technology evolves, the bar for customer experience keeps getting higher, and for contact centers that cannot keep pace with change, new risks arise for the business. Much of this risk comes from the continued use of legacy, premises-based technology, and has been further compounded in 2020 by the impact of COVID-19. Businesses have had to contend with rising call volumes, online shopping, and e-commerce, and like never before, the contact center has become the front door of your business.

The 2020 holiday shopping rush served as an unprecedented test for adapting to change, not just for providing a good CX, but for overall business continuity. With more of the same in store for 2021, contact center leaders need to understand the importance of digital technology and the cloud to keep pace with CX as well as ensure business continuity under all types of conditions. To address that, noted UC analyst Jon Arnold will share findings from his recent Mitel white paper, Customer Experience Challenges in Pandemic Times. Jon will be joined by Matt Clare of Mitel and together, they will provide a roadmap for success in 2021.

  • Findings from the CX survey
  • Customer experience in pandemic times
  • Roadmap for digital customer experience success in 2021

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