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5 Ways to Optimize Business Communications Tip Sheet

Just as you should go through and clean out your desk periodically, you should also take a good look at your business’ communications tools to clean out, consolidate and reduce costs where possible. Here are five ways you can optimize and save money on your business communications:


1. Compare your total expenses to market averages

The costs of telecommunications services can vary greatly among service providers and even month to month with the same provider. Regularly analyzing your business’ communications service charges and comparing them with market averages will allow you to catch errant increases and also alert you to when it’s time to consider a switch.


2. Ask yourself if you have the right amount of bandwidth

Internet bandwidth utilization is crucial to any business. Check your bill for a utilization report or ask your service provider for one and see where you stand. You may need to increase your bandwidth, or you may see that you could reduce it—and your costs— without seeing any change in performance.


3. Evaluate your VoIP readiness

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, relies heavily on your local infrastructure. A Mitel consultant can run a network assessment that will look for potential issues that could cause VoIP quality issues.


4. While you’re at it, look for inefficiencies

Many companies are paying monthly for services that Check your voice traffic
Study your usage—by the minute, hour, day, week and month—to get a clear understanding of exactly how many lines your business needs to better serve your customers while keeping expenses down.


To go more in-depth, download the white paper.

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