EuroAirport Case Study

EuroAirport is a bi-national airport in a tri-national region, covering France, Germany, and Switzerland. Reliability has been an issue in the past and the airport was looking for something state of the art with modern technology.

Below is the video transcription:

Our telephony system was completely obsolete. It had been a system in place for 20 years. And we're really looking for something state of the art, modern technology. My name is Vivienne Gaskell. I'm Head of Communications at EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg. Reliability is definitely an issue because we're at an airport. We have, in general, high security issues. We have 6.5 million passengers using the airport. So what's important to us is an airport authority, as far as telephone needs are concerned, is that we need a system to meet our own needs. And what does that mean? Well it's the cost of a local call, basically, to France, Germany, and Switzerland, because we have a three line network. Now an airport is also extremely busy, and we need a system that functions all the time. And the functionalities that the Mitel system offers are completely in coherence with these needs.

We have Mitel 5000 in different places of the airport. Why? Because we have specific needs. We're spread over 800 hectares and we have different sites. We have here 6,000 people working in 150 companies. And the fact that these sites are independent they can really meet the specific needs of the customers in those areas.

We would definitely recommend Mitel. We've been working with Mitel now since 2009, when our system was obsolete. And we've already extended the system to another site. So obviously we're extending it because we're happy with the system, our customers are happy. It's a specific solution for this bi-national airport in a tri-national region, where we need to get out to France, Germany, and Switzerland for the cost of a local call. And this system permits that. So it's functionality. It's modern technology, the fact that we can offer high performance service, as well, to our own customers and to our own employees.

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