Eutelsat Case Study

Based in Paris, France, Eutelsat is a global company that runs 35 satellites, delivering 5,800 TV channels to millions of people across the world. With over 1,000 employees in 32 different countries maintaining satellites and systems 24 hours a day, Eutelsat had some complex communication needs.

Below is the video transcription:

Eutelsat is a company that offers satellite communication services. Our job is to define satellite missions, and determine the specifications suited to our clients' needs.

My name is Jean-Louis Robin, and I'm in-charge of Human Resources and IT Systems for the Eutelsat Group. What we expected from the new solutions was first, the possibility to manage our call centers. And second, to optimize our customer service department, to use secured solutions, and finally, to have scalable solutions at our disposal to support the development of our company.

Eutelsat uses traditional fixed telephony solutions for all of our 1,000 employees representing 32 different nationalities around the world. But we also use specific features for certain jobs. We use the call center functions from Mitel Solutions for our satellite capacity booking center. The role of the capacity booking center is to take orders from clients who are TV stations and need to cover world events. Eutelsat also uses other solutions offered by Mitel. Our client support center manages and monitors the transmission and reception quality of 5800 stations in the world over our 35 satellites, 24 hours a day. The ability to control waiting time and dropped calls is very important to ensure the quality of our relationship with our customers. We also chose a computer telephony integration solution for our control center, which manages the position of the satellites.

I would recommend Mitel in particular because they've managed to stay close to their final customers, and they accompany us every step of the way with our various projects. Mitel solutions have allowed us to adapt to different activities of the company. We've been working with Mitel now for the last 20 years. For example, we asked to have a graphic interface for our satellite controllers, and the return on investment took a year and a half.

Finally, the partnership between Mitel and Eutelsat gave us the opportunity to be able to continuously improve our relationship with our customers, at the same time as the relationship with all the stakeholders in the company which for us, of course, is very important.

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