Family Mosaic Case Study

A leading UK housing association uses Mitel to support over 1000 users across more than 130 sites using voice over IP and teleworker technology.


Below is the video transcription:

I think Family Mosaic now have a fantastically robust infrastructure. A couple of years ago that wasn't the case. And that was because we had multiple partners from a vendor perspective and multiple technologies. We've worked really hard with Mitel from the telephony perspective to make sure we've got a standard platforming group now. That it is a world class solution for our business. And it's one we can build on to future proof both that part of technology at Family Mosaic. But also make sure we've got a enabling roadmap and technology to help move things forward and really add business value.

One of the key reasons for choosing Mitel in the first place is they have a very clear technology roadmap. And underpinned by some latest, up to date technologies. Family Mosaic like to be the leading edge, not the bleeding edge of technology deployment. Mitel's roadmap is fantastically clear. They're very passionate about making sure people are always at the appropriate levels of software. They've also got a really robust, business enabling range of products, that do support everything we want to do at Family Mosaic. They've got a fantastic ACD Core Center solution. They've got some really good products now that can be virtualized which will run beautifully on our core network infrastructure. And genuinely, I think they are the preferred product now for organizations of our size, our maturity, and they really fit the roadmap that we want to adopt moving forward at Family Mosaic.

I think, again, it was a fantastic business fit. Mitel are very approachable, even at the very senior level. As soon as it became apparent that Family Mosaic were passionate about driving this part of their technology work stream. Might say we're engaged %100 from day one, and they've been very helpful again in ensuring everything we do is appropriate, shows return on investment, and more importantly that technology is seen as a real business enabler at Family Mosaic.

There are several key components to our Mitel infrastructure. The first is the 3300 controller range that we use to support our 11 main sites. That's about 1,000 users. The second is the MCD functionality we've got supporting our ACD in our contact center, which is growing later on this year, to be 50 seats. And we've also got the telly worker functionality. It enables home working and remote support for Family Mosaic.

The biggest benefit to Family Mosaic through having a unified commerce platform has been that we now have a single channel for our customers into our business. Setting up at our customer service center earlier on last year has meant that we know who's calling us, about what they're calling us about. And it's enabled us to respond in a really timely fashion. Mitel has underpinned that solution. Our contact center currently supports up to 50 agents. We've got all of the latest IT functionality available from Mitel, so we've got a very enhanced call recording capability. We are looking at things like email straight from the Mitel system at the moment.

Our return on investment on this particular technology, we've actually made it in terms of customer satisfaction. And that's actually risen from 63% about a year, 18 months ago to 73% today. And obviously the functionality of the equipment is a fundamental part of that. I think we've seen several benefits, of which one is use of voice over IP Technology. Which, as a non techie person, I think I know what that means, but we've actually adopted that across our main offices. And the next spring board is for us to roll that out across our 130, 140 remote sites. And that obviously has a big cost saving because it involves us then using our existing networks for calls instead of going outside and paying call costs. So we're quite excited about that one actually, it could be big benefits for us in the future.

We currently run a data center hostage space in Docklands. So we're actually looking to do a few things, one of the them is to embrace unified communications in one form or another. One of them is the Telly Working solution that we're looking to expand on, even though we do one at the moment. We're really need to expand that a little bit more. We're looking to centralize our phone switches, which is a really important project. We have 11 clustered switches over our disparate sites, we're looking to bring that all into our data center hosted, which makes sense. We're looking to leverage some virtualization technology out of Mitel as well, and they're very up with VM Ware, it's got some very good work going on, and I think that it will be very important going forward in terms of disaster recovery.

I think we have given advice to Mitel over the last 12 months, and that's if they engage with customers like Family Mosaic, at a senior level, and with really good account management. And if they are mindful of customers' requirements in terms of strategic technology road maps, about how to deploy the technology so it adds value, shows a return on investment. Especially in the tough times that certainly our sector are currently going through. They will win more business and retain more business.

Mitel certainly have listened to Family Mosaic about our business requirements, and the way we want to work in partnership as a business. They've been incredibly receptive to the way we want to work. They've been very flexible in their approach to supporting us. As we before, right from grassroots engineering, technical support, to senior account management, they've been nothing but supportive of Family Mosaic.

I would recommend Mitel simply because they are a world class service provider, yet they still open to working flexibly with customers like Family Mosaic. They have a very clear vision and technology roadmap, they articulate beautifully. They're very happy to help and support customers like us, and their technology roadmap is, I think, absolutely appropriate for our sector. And just incorporating a lot of the new technologies that businesses like Family Mosaic will want over the next couple of years.

I'm very, very impressed, every time I go to anything to do with Mitel, the speakers and whoever runs, the directors at Mitel, and all the people underneath them, they all very impressive. The technology platform is very impressive. Their roadmap, especially. I've always been very very enthused by their roadmap. I seem to be one step ahead of everyone else in terms of what they're trying to deliver. And that delivery really is beneficial to companies like ours, as I've mentioned in terms of centralization, virtualization, they seem to be the head of the game. And cost effective as well. Very important.


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