Interview with Centrinex CEO Bart Miller

Founded in 2005 in Lenexa, Kansas, Centrinex is a national leader in contact center management and predominantly serves lines of business such as federal government, financial services, seminar groups, and inbound customer service.

Below is the video transcription:

My name is Bart Miller and I'm the CEO and owner of Centrinex. Centrinex is the leading contact center provider for a number of different industries: the federal government, for financial services, for seminar groups, for inbound customer service on complaint resolution, warranties, and other businesses like that.

Centrinex was founded in 2005. We started with 10 employees and four clients. Over the years we've grown up to 800 agents serving over 30 clients and we have three different call center facilities - two in Kansas and one in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Centrinex has a number of solutions that we use with Mitel. So we thought about what's happening, what are the trends that are happening in the industry. So we found Web Chat was available on a number of different websites that it wasn't available on before. Incorporating that into the Mitel system allowed us to be able to put all those different pieces together. We understood from there that consumers were moving to a more multimedia platform rather than just a single source platform for phone calls.

One of the things that helps us out immensely is allowing our agents to take a phone call, do a web chat, and do two emails at the same time. It increases utilization exponentially. It allows my agents to do a number of tasks at the same time and make sure that they're working as hard as they can all day. A phone call that would take a minute and a half is now taking a response of 10 or 15 seconds so they can move on to the next thing. And it also increases the customer experience because they're getting the response that they want as quickly as they want it and then able to move on. If we can do that for our clients and the end-users, that allows us to do more work for them in less time. And so in less time means that they get charged less money so we can provide a much larger service, a much broader service and we've ever been able to give to them but we can do it at a fraction of the cost with much, much less people.

Workforce management has always been an issue for us. It's all based on historical data that we can input from our phone reporting to find out based on the trends over the past 2-3 and even 4 years, that this is what you're going to need for this period of time. That also allows us the forecast so we can see not only what we need tomorrow but we need next month, what do we need in December, what do we need next year. It provides all of these different pieces for us to be able to hire people not a week in advance but 3 months in advance.

In moving from 300 to 900 employees, the Mitel solution has been able to scale with us easily throughout that entire process. Each time we grew, each time we added more agents, each time we added more phone lines, each time we added more volume to the system, Mitel had a solution for us. Mitel was able to provide for us everything that we needed to move to that next level and they continue to do it over the years and it's been 10 years and each time it's happened, they've risen to the occasion. Mitel has been a great partner for me for the past 10 years. It's an easy decision for me now to want to grow to a 1000 people, 2000 agents, 4000 agents, 4 states, 5 countries. With the Mitel solution that we have, we know we'll be able to grow it up.

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