Mark Barnes & Associates Case Study

Mark Barnes & Associates provides legal counsel and lobbying services to domestic and international clients in the defense and firearms industries. They selected MiVoice Office to keep clients and associates connected 24/7.

Below is the video transcription:

Well, before we had the 5,000 Mitel series phone system, we had to rely primarily on cell phones and on Skype and, frankly, hotel systems and pay phones. And it was extremely costly and expensive.

We selected the Mitel 5,000 because it allowed us to do several things. First of all, again, conferencing our clients and our different staff members in different locations. Also, the display features were extremely helpful, both in reaching out to staff members, knowing who was calling us, and also selecting features quickly and easily. When you're on a virtual private network, for instance, I can put an extension in my second home in Canada, I can have one in my residence in Scottsdale, Arizona. And no matter where I'm at, I can have access to my staff or to my clients and they likewise to me.

Another advantage of the 5,000 system is dynamic extension. My executive assistant in our Scottsdale office is always moving. She's never necessarily at her desk. And with dynamic extension, clients and other team members don't have to worry about her being at the desk. And, in fact, most callers would have no idea that she is away from her desk.

Well, we realized some serious cost savings from buying the Mitel 5,000 systems. One of them was, again, on our overseas cell calls. And the second one had to do with conferencing. We found that with the 5,000 system, we were able to cut down the use of our commercial conferencing service because the system is such a robust one, it does give us the capability to bring in several parties.

Well, Mitel products and the Mitel product line are broad and diverse. And that's a great strength because one solution doesn't fit every sized business or every type of business. And what's great about the Mitel product line and the Mitel personnel are that they try to focus on what your needs are and then match those up with the proper software support.


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