Mobile Customer Experience of the Future

Mobile consumers make business connections, social connections and personal connections more and more every day.


Video Transcript

The world runs on connections, business connections, social connections, personal connections. As we are becoming mobile consumers, we rely on these connections more and more every day.

Today, more than 90% of consumers use smartphones while shopping in stores in the US. And by 2020 the Internet of Things will be responsible for 50 billion Internet-connected devices and machines.

We are about to see our world connect even faster as CRM and big data are integrated with the Internet of Things. Imagine, the customer service representative who anticipates your issue, knows that you restarted your wearable four times and sends a software update. A maintenance issue for your car, routed to the right contact at your preferred repair shop before you know the issue exists.

Your personal health tracker, updating your health bio at your doctor's office through a connected CRM with your personal vitals. Getting the best seats at the hottest concerts on the go with real time integrated chat and virtual tickets via text. This shift to the Internet of Things and machine to machine will change the way we interact with just about everything.

Using massive amounts of contextual data at lightning speed, to anticipate our needs for more personalized experience. With expertise in mobile technology, digital customer experience, and embedded communications, Mitel is paving the way for this enormous data shift. Because soon, the best customers experiences will be the ones you didn't know even know you had.

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