San Diego Padres Case Study

As the host of the 87th annual MLB All-Star Game, the San Diego Padres are blazing the trail to the cloud and setting the technology standard for the league.

Below is the video transcription:

My name is Ray Chan, Head of Technology for the San Diego Padres. We are a Major League Baseball club that's hosting the 2016 All-Star game. So today's mobile customer really changed our customer experience here at the ballpark. This new generation of millennials really expect to stay connected in any venue, in any place. And we really need to meet that expectation by providing them a platform that they can communicate on, not just on a voice level, but on a messaging level as well. We integrated our CRM system into our contact center. This allowed our agents to have all customer information right there at their fingertips, which improves the customer experience, because now it's a little bit more personalized. Identifying who your customer is, they get the same agent each and every time. And just better, really just raises the bar in the fan experience.

Here at the Padres, our mobile workforce consists of scouts as well as our personnel out in the Dominican Republic and out in our spring training facility out in Peoria, Arizona. Being able to leverage what we already had, which was a lot of mobile phones, being able to stay connected with all of our employees, no matter where they're at throughout the world in this case - that was really a big piece that we were looking at, the mobility piece. Since implementing mobile collaboration, our road warriors now have the same consistent experience across all devices. Whether they're on the road or in the office, it's one in the same.

What stood apart from the rest, what Mitel did was, the fact that they'd been in this space for some time now, they knew the cloud. That was really what was important to me and Mitel being in the business for as long as they have and the product offering, and the features, the soft phones, the CRM integration, all of that was just a perfect fit for this organization. Since moving to the cloud, we're saving $60,000 a year by not having to maintain the old phone system anymore. It's really given us the agility to make changes on the fly. This will be instrumental in hosting the All-Star Game, because we can easily expand our communications across the ballpark in seconds, and guarantee a seamless experience.

I would probably say that the San Diego Padres are probably that first team that's going all in, into the cloud.

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