Senators Sports & Entertainment Case Study

Through a reliable Mitel communications solution, Senators Sports & Entertainment has been able to deliver a much more enhanced customer experience to meet growing needs.

Below is the video transcription:

My name is Geoff Publow. I'm the Vice President of Strategic Development for Senator Sports & Entertainment. Senator Sports & Entertainment owns and operates the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club of the National Hockey League. We also own and operate Canadian Tire Center, a 20,000 seat sports
and entertainment venue. In any given week we might host a couple of sold-out hockey games and then need to convert the building for a concert or a family show. We transition from operating a 220 person office environment to hosting 20,000 fans here for a hockey game and it's really important that our communication system allows us to adapt to those different operating environments.

Having multiple sites with staff located across the Ottawa region, it's really important for us to be able to have that seamless communication system so that staff,
regardless of which environment they're working in, are able to connect and collaborate with their peers. And having that mobility feature built into the
system really allows them to operate efficiently and seamlessly across those locations.

So the communication system, a lot of times functions behind the scenes, but you'll notice it here when you're watching a game and see the referee come
over to the timekeepers bench when they need to communicate with the booth upstairs. That's our communication system in action during an NHL hockey game.

Bottom line, we have confidence in a communication system. When we host this hockey game or a busy concert we have a million operational details to worry about and our communication system just isn't one of them. We know it's going to work, we know it's reliable, and we know we can focus on what matters most - which is delivering a world-class fan experience. We know now that when fans call in that they're going to get connected with the right person on our team every time.

Our communication system is really the backbone to allowing us to deliver that fan experience. Going into the future, as our communication needs continue to evolve and continue to grow, we've got confidence that through our partnership with Mitel we're going to be able to continue to meet those ever-changing needs.

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