MiContact Center Business

Mitel is committed to building software which protects personal data stored therein using safeguards based on a framework of industry security measures and privacy practices.

Operation of your on-site MiContact Center Business requires certain personal data belonging to your staff, such as phone number and email address and, depending on your configuration, may capture additional personal data belonging to your customers (or other third-party services you deal with). While Mitel does not have access to such data, Mitel recommends you ensure that your employees (any other third parties) interacting with your MiContact Center Business deployment are aware of what information is captured and for what purpose prior to use.

The on-site MiContact Center Business software employs numerous security best practices which you can leverage when ensuring your environment meets your GDPR requirements, including:

Controlling access to personal data is a key step in making data secure. The MiContact Center Business software empowers you to manage and control access via several ways including:

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