MiCloud Office Migration Incentive Offer Terms (“Terms”)1

Mitel shall offer the following incentives (“Migration Incentives”) in order to facilitate Customer’s move to RingCentral’s MVP service:


(1)   Mitel shall transfer title to Customer of all Hardware currently rented by Customer under its Service Order with Mitel.  The parties agree that:

i.       All Hardware transferred under this Clause 1 shall be considered “non-compatible” Hardware and cannot be used with the RingCentral MVP service.  Mitel encourages Customer to recycle this non-compatible Hardware2; and

ii.      Unless otherwise advised, Customer is in possession of all Hardware listed in its Service Order.


(2)   One RingCentral MVP-compatible IP Phone per digital line of RingCentral MVP service purchased under Customer’s initial RingCentral Agreement (as defined below).  The parties agree that:

i.       The provision of the Hardware under this Clause 2 is only available if Customer requests and obtains same from Mitel. If Customer sources MVP-compatible IP Phones from RingCentral as part of their RingCentral Agreement, this Clause 2 is considered null and void.

ii.      Mitel shall transfer title to Customer of any Hardware that it supplies under this Clause 2;

iii.    Mitel shall only provide IP Phones that are certified by RingCentral and available for assisted provisioning with RingCentral’s MVP service.  Type supplied shall be at Mitel’s discretion;

iv.    Mitel will ship the Hardware under this Clause 2 to one Customer Site in accordance with the delivery terms contemplated under the GTOS3 and risk of loss to same shall be considered to have passed to Customer upon shipment as per section 8.2 (Title, Risk of Loss and Security Interest) of the GTOS; all remaining requirements under section 8.2 of the GTOS shall be considered null and void.  The shipping address for the Hardware shall be provided by Customer when it submits the Hardware Request Form4; and

v.      In the event Customer requests expedited shipping and/or for the supplementary IP Phones to be shipped to multiple Sites, the additional cost(s) for same shall be invoiced to Customer by Mitel.


For ALL Hardware title transferred to Customer under these Migration Incentives, section 11.1 (Hardware Warranty) of the GTOS shall be considered null and void and Customer shall take title of the Hardware subject to section 11.2 (Disclaimer of Warranties) of the GTOS.


The above Migration Incentives are subject to the following conditions:

(a)    Customer purchases the RingCentral MVP Services via the eCommerce Site5, which references campaign code MITELWELCOME, and can provide satisfactory evidence of such to Mitel.  Customer purchasing RingCentral MVP Services in this manner shall constitute Customer’s deemed acceptance of these Terms;

(b)   Customer agrees to the RingCentral conditions referenced on the eCommerce Site (“RingCentral Agreement”);

(c)    Customer executes and returns to Mitel all required paperwork, including, but not limited to, the Hardware Request Form, the disconnection notice as well as a termination and release in the form provided at the time Customer provides its disconnection notice; and

(d)   Customer pays to Mitel those applicable Service Fees for the MiCloud Office services as calculated by Mitel based on the effective date of disconnection of the MiCloud Office services under Customer’s Service Order.


Failure by Customer to meet any the conditions outlined in (a) - (d) above may result in the dollar value of any provided Migration Incentives becoming due and payable to Mitel.



1 We may make changes to these Terms from time to time by posting a new version at https://www.mitel.com/legal/micloud-office-migration-incentive-terms. The changes are effective and deemed accepted by Customer on the date the new version is posted.

2 Recycling Hardware helps the environment by saving energy, conserving natural resources, and keeping reusable materials out of landfills. However, before disposing of non-compatible Hardware, Customer should ensure all personal and/or sensitive information is erased on it. Most municipalities or local governments have specialized e-waste programs which provide free or low-cost recycling to encourage residents to keep their phones out of the garbage can. Customer should check with local government or municipality websites for up-to-date information on recycling options available near Customer. 

3 Any reference to GTOS in this letter is a reference to Mitel’s Global Terms of Service located at https://www.mitel.com/legal/mitel-cloud-services-terms-and-conditions

4 Hardware Request Form located at https://na2.docusign.net/Member/PowerFormSigning.aspx?PowerFormId=dd8e5066-6c4e-4925-960a-593585face08&env=na2&acct=a391827e-6964-43cb-a1cf-3778ea9385fc&v=2

5 eCommerce Site located at https://www.ringcentral.com/go/mitel-mvp-offer.html

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