The Employee Experience

Your employees’ perception of their work experiences directly affect the success of your business. With digital transformation happening faster than ever, being intentional in elevating the employee experience at your organization will be the difference between staying competitive or falling behind.

Step Up on Your EX Strategy

  • Making Meetings Better in The Hybrid Workplace

    In this new eBook, Frost & Sullivan re-think how collaboration should work in the hybrid workplace, placing the employee experience first and positioning it as inextricably linked to business success.
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  • What is Hybrid Working?

    Hybrid work environments are becoming a hot topic as some organizations bring individuals back to work on-site while other workers prefer to continue working from home.
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  • Re-energize Your Meetings for a Hybrid Workplace

    Explore practical ways to improve your collaborative meetings.
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MiTeam Meetings

With MiCollab and MiTeam Meetings, you get all the voice, chat, and video capabilities you need to keep your global team connected and productive.

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Improving Employee Experience in the Hybrid Workforce

Learn how to improve employee experience in the hybrid environment.

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Good B2B Relationships

Enabling Workforce Productivity and Collaboration for the Hybrid Workforce

The move to hybrid working presents a valuable opportunity for a broader organizational transformation that can lead to new ways of working.


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Employee and Customer Experiences Evolve as Businesses Plan for a New Future

It’s no surprise then that more organizations are rethinking both their long-term customer (CX) and employee experience (EX) strategies. The future resilience and success of businesses will depend on shaping an operational culture that intertwines the two.


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The Hybrid Workplace: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for IT Decision-Makers

Organizations have experienced significant disruption and profound changes to their ways of working, creating conditions that have allowed IT decision-makers to accelerate the digitization of the employee experience.


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