Mitel SKY for LinkPoint360

Seamless email and voice integration for, Microsoft CRM, and Saleslogix.

If you are an executive who’s invested in a CRM solution, chances are you’ve done so because the idea of having all of the information about a customer or prospect easily accessible in one place is absolutely compelling. The value proposition is a no-brainer. But here’s the catch. The two most common ways your sales people and customer service agents interact with prospects and customers are likely the telephone and email. How natural or compulsory is it to get those interactions documented into the CRM? In most cases, not at all. These conversations happen very often without any record. It’s not because your representatives are lazy or don’t care, it is because transferring emails out of Outlook into CRM or manually creating an activity every time the phone is dialed, is time consuming, easily forgotten and error prone. We have teamed up with Linkpoint360 to solve this problem.

LinkPoint360 bridges the formidable gap between Microsoft Outlook, the world’s most popular email management interface, and, Microsoft CRM or SalesLogix, the system of record for many enterprises. Mitel SKY for LinkPoint360 adds the ability to control your Mitel SKY phone.

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