World Cloud

Global cloud and local presence for MiCloud Flex and MiCloud Connect customers

Mitel data centers provide a global presence, resulting in a broad global service availability. With 14 top-tier data centers strategically located across the globe to ensure the highest performing global communications, you will experience unmatched service.


No longer do you have to worry about low quality, complicated business communication systems, wherever your company grows. instantly remove the barriers to your international communications by connecting your team under the Mitel World Cloud network, whether you have 2 offices in 2 countries or 200 all over the world.

Deliver Local Experiences

Its difficult for multi-national businesses to achieve local presence that offers true local experiences for customers. Mitel World Cloud delivers this with local phone numbers, global extension dialing and enterprise-grade quality of service to 40+ countries.

Cost savings & simplicity

Reduce calling costs substantially with free international extension-to-extension dialing and unlimited user-based country dialing. Plus, with all communications services supported in our global cloud, complex PBX maintenance is simplified.

Unify and Engage

Unify and engage employees worldwide using a single global communications platform, bonding users through a powerful shared experience and connecting them between any office, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Is this product right for you?

    • Local caller ID

    • Additional local numbers available

    • Data sovereignty

    • Globally resilient DCs

    • MiCloud Advanced Security option (additional charge)

    • Dedicated DC connection (additional charge)

    • Data center infrastructure

    • Multiple bills/currencies (based on DC location)

    • Local dedicated number in user country

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