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Partner Marketplace

Connecting Mitel Partners with Proven & Experienced Marketing Agency Vendors & Project Resources
What is the Partner Marketplace?

The Partner Marketplace is your one-stop marketplace designed to help you identify marketing approved vendors, marketing services, and engage with a vendor of your choice to help your team build and deliver on your next marketing campaign or project.

Why use the Partner Marketplace?

The Partner Marketplace provides a list of vetted, experienced, and approved marketing vendors who know and understand your industry, the Mitel products, and offer approved marketing services.

How it Works

Mitel's Partner Marketplace is designed with every type of marketer in mind. Whether you are a multi, single or non-existent marketing team, the Mitel Marketplace has packages and pricing for you.

To get started, follow the 3-step process below for selecting a vendor that can help you achieve your desired goals:

  1. Decide which type of marketing service help you need.
    • Do you need a vendor to develop and deploy the entire campaign?
    • Do you need a vendor to develop the content and hand it over to you to deploy?
    • Are you looking for a vendor to help with a single marketing project?
  2. Review the list of approved vendors available to you.
    • Vendor overview
    • Contact Information
    • Marketing services offered
    • Specializations
  3. Engage an approved Partner Marketplace vendor directly.
    • Each Marketplace vendor has agreed to offer a list of services and pricing. Pricing will vary by vendor.

Services Offered


The Partner Marketplace offers different marketing services based on the type of marketing help you need. Each service is available in two execution options:

Choose a marketplace service that fits your needs!

Facilitated by an experienced Marketing Manager, and using AI to assess your competitive environment, you will walk away with a custom marketing plan with actionable marketing complete with activities designed to help you achieve your goals. This program includes a blueprint to implement your marketing plan for the year.


  • Marketing Blueprint for a results-oriented marketing plan is delivered spanning a 12-month period
  • 12 months of one-on-one client & marketing vendor consultant consultation meetings

Campaign development includes content focused around specific Mitel solutions. Each campaign is custom built around each partner's goals and target market. The goal is to generate marketing qualified leads for your salespeople to call. Campaigns may include many different types of assets, such as a blog, video, email, direct mail, social, digital ads, print ads, events and more.


  • 1 planning session to define the campaign strategy, list, goals & timeline
  • Blog development
  • Checklist download
  • Emails or direct mail letters
  • Matching social
  • Comments & social media graphics
  • 1 sales call follow-up guide and implementation plan
  • 1 coaching session and asset development
  • Landing pages

Lead Generation campaigns are most effective when it’s done consistently and complimented by other lead generation activities such as sales rep follow-up calls, events, and social media. Mixing up the offers keeps contacts interested in reading emails. A combination of blogs, videos, infographics, guides, and other assets will garner more opens and clicks. Results will be highest when the contact list is warm, either an opt-in list, customer list, or one that’s been emailed consistently for the previous six months.

When you apply long-term, consistent marketing strategy, you are most likely to get the best results that convert contacts to first time appointments and expand the footprint of your brand in existing client accounts.



  • Develop and maintain your lead generation strategy, target markets, plan, & timeline
  • Regular cadence meeting with assigned Marketing Consultant
  • Blog development with matching emails, and social posts
  • Keyword analysis
  • Matching social comments & social media graphics
  • 1 Sales call follow-up guide implementation plan
  • 1 Coaching session asset development
  • Landing pages

Fully Managed

  • Set-up, send and track emails
  • Post blogs to your website
  • Manage list of contacts
  • Provide marketing automation license for up to 3,000 contacts
  • Lead scoring

Content Only

  • No campaign implementation on the part of the vendor
  • Client executes all campaign deliverables

Developing an account-based marketing campaign requires developing new processes. These campaigns are focused on the client and not a demographic market. ABM requires that the organization has the capacity to tailor and individualize all its marketing. ABM marketing allows you to hyper-focus on the right clients and move towards best-fit accounts with greater outcomes.



  • Planning session to define the campaign strategy
  • Provide contact list, activities, launch plan and timeline
  • Design series of custom emails and 3D mailer with enclosed gift item
  • Send email series produce mailer, acquire gift item and post mailer
  • Incentive fulfillment
  • Design and host individually personalized landing page
  • Out-bound calling follow up on MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads)
  • Nurture leads passed to the Partner for follow up

Social Media Management is a powerful tool when combined with best practices, timing, and platform tone. Not every company has the resources internally to write, manage and maintain a strong and effective social presence. This package is designed to leverage social media to get in front of potential and paying customers.



  • Goal setting
  • Monthly social calendar aligned with the Partner's marketing strategy
  • Weekly social posts including text, graphics and periodic videos from blog content
  • Corporate & personal LinkedIn page posting
  • Platforms include
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
  • Twitter engagement, retweet & relationship list maintenance
  • Social media metrics reporting
  • Quarterly social media momentum review

Without a high-targeted list, it is extremely difficult to generate the results you desire. Whether you’re targeting existing customers or expanding into new markets, we have highly specialized vendors who can help you purchase a new list, cleanse existing contacts and validate contacts.


  • New List Builds - build a new contact list based on your target profile including geography, industry, company size, and contact titles
  • Contact Appending - do you have a list of companies, but no contacts? We can append target titles to your list with full company and contact info
  • List Cleansing - data is always changing. Ensure your list is as clean as possible with our list cleansing service
  • Contact Validation - not sure how accurate your list is? Let us confirm the contact information on record and/or identify new contacts as needed
  • Included in your completed list – company name, address, industry segment, company size based upon employee range - contact title, first & last name, email address, phone number

Digital & social advertising are effective strategies to reach new contacts based on target audience profiles and to remain to of mind for with current and prospective clients. A digital strategy will uncover immediate leads while also growing prospect lists.



  • Develop your digital lead generation Strategy, target audiences, plan, timeline for Google Ads & social advertising
  • Write, design, set-up, and manage digital ads for Google Ad campaigns. Including display, banner and retargeting
  • A-B testing available
  • Define and set up social advertising audiences
  • Google Ads planning audit
  • Campaign results & debrief at the end of the campaign

Gain the relief of knowing you are working an experienced vendor that can help you make any event successful. Event in a box provides with all the tools and planning to make any event a success.


  • Create an Event Playbook containing the following:
    • Comprehensive deck detailing marketing tactics and event best practices
    • Event marketing checklist
    • Customize and branded event registration, landing page, and event website and banner ad
    • 3 event email invitations
    • Social media with 5 social posts for each of your social platforms
    • Post-event nurture emails
    • Program Manager guidance for pre- and post-event activity
    • List not provided but available at an additional fee

An accurate and targeted list is the cornerstone of a successful marketing campaign. Build a robust contact database by adding new highly targeted purchased lists to your existing database.



  • Purchased lists contain business email addresses along with phone numbers and detailed contact & company information
  • We can build lists by type of business, size, location, title, and more to create a targeted contact list for your marketing and sales efforts
  • List can be customized based on target profile including location, industry, company size, & title
  • Contact suppression for any pre-existing contacts to avoid duplication is available upon request

Creative services include a host of deliverables which include, but are not limited to the following items:

  • Visual identity: logo development, color palette selection, creation and direction for iconography, font selection/guidance, image selection and treatment, creation of brand guidelines document
  • Digital design: creation of banner ads, social media graphics, email templates/graphics, and landing page templates/assets
  • Traditional design: design of sell sheets, product sheets, postcards, direct mail, and other traditionally printed pieces
  • Co-branding: creation of dual branded assets, both digital and traditional
  • Exhibit design: design and production of banner stands, pop up displays, 10x10 displays, and custom booth design
  • Photography: product photography, headshots, or model photography
  • Fulfillment & printing: printing of postcards, sell sheets, tear sheets, direct mail, etc.

The goal of a successful website is to highlight your brand and properly convey your messages to your target market with a current, relatable, secure website that guides visitors through their buyer’s journey. Work with a vendor who can develop and build a complete website including all design and development. For a website refresh, services are available for content writing and select design.


  • Create design and layout balancing function with user experience
  • Content development using keywords and search engine optimization strategies
  • Properly licensed premium and free software (e.g. WordPress Theme and Plugins)
  • Responsive design for optimal smartphone and tablet viewing
  • Performance optimization with browser and page caching
  • WordPress hardening and intrusion prevention for maximum security
  • Website backup and archival plugin for automated or manual backups
  • Set-up of with Google Search console and Google Analytics plugin
  • Quality assurance and testing

Video Campaign development includes content focused around specific Mitel solutions. Each campaign is custom built to meet partner's goals and target market. Campaigns include your choice of training, product showcase, event promotion, or company branding video. The goal is to develop brand awareness, increase customer satisfaction, drive social media engagement, and provide marketing tools your sales team can utilize to help develop more qualified leads.


  • 1:00 - 4:00 minute video
  • 1 camera shoot / animation/ slideshow / stock video
  • 2 post-production revisions
  • Audio and lighting equipment
  • Music licensing
  • Drone footage
  • 4k video
  • 4 hours of pre-production to develop video concept
  • Optional professional actor or voice over artist


  • (2) 1:00 - 4:00 minute videos or 1:00 – 30:00 minute training video per month
  • 2 camera shoot / animation/ slideshow / stock video
  • 4 post-production revisions
  • Audio and lighting equipment
  • Music licensing
  • Drone footage
  • 4 hours of pre-production and analysis per month
  • Optional professional actor or voice over artist

Find the perfect fit!

Select the services you need in the list below. Vendors offering those services will populate in the Approved Vendors list. Click on your vendor of choice to submit your request for service and engage with the vendor.


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