MiContact Center Campaign Manager for On-Site Communications

MiContact Center Campaign Manager is a software-based outbound progressive dialling solution designed to vastly improve the productivity of your outbound dialing team.

Key Benefits
Improved Customer Experience
Users have access to information about the customer they’re speaking to, creating a more personalized experience for the customer and a more productive one for the user.
Outstanding ROI
Outbound users become more productive and by centrally managing campaigns, closely managing contact strategy and having access to real-time & historical reports, staff can be easily managed, resulting in getting the most out of every customer lead.

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MiContact Center Campaign Manager Features
    • Automates outbound dialing
    • Uses the MiVoice Office 250 telephone to make the calls
    • No silent or dropped calls
    • Call blending gives priority to inbound calls, utilizing existing MiVoice Office 250 Hunt Groups

    • Configurable Disposition Codes
    • Real Time & historical reporting
    • Easy to configure and use

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