Mitel Contact Center Instant Override Message

Take control of your communications solution with easy-to-use instant override messaging

Key Benefits
Easy mass notification
Immediately inform customers of emergency conditions without requiring computer-based access to contact center administration.
Flexibility at your fingertips
The easy-to-use phone interface allows you to change an override message whenever you need to.
Quick customer communication
Retail users can inform callers of daily specials.

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Mitel Contact Center Instant Override Message Features
    • Telephone User Interface (TUI) for rapidly changing a Contact Center override announcement wave file
    • PIN authentication to prevent unauthorized access
    • Provides functions to play the existing override message, disable the override message, enable a pre-recorded override message, and to record and enable a custom override message

    • Microsoft Windows event log audit trail
    • Application is installed on the on the primary and optional backup Contact Center Server

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