MiVoice 5312 IP Phone

Full-featured, dual-mode, dualport, multi-line IP phone

The dual-mode Mitel MiVoice 5312 IP Phone is a full-duplex handsfree speakerphone with a multi-line backlit display and programmable feature keys. Works with Mitel IP communications platforms to deliver simple call handling and converged applications. Personalization is easy with programmable keys or a browser-based desktop configuration tool.


The 5312 IP Phone provides IP functionality with the ease and familiarity of a traditional business phone. User-friendly features include tools to customize feature sets and a 40-character white, backlit graphics display, making it an ideal choice for teleworkers, ACD agents, technical support staff, office workers, sales and customer service departments, and others who need access to sophisticated features.

Key Benefits

Combines IP functionality with the ease and familiarity of a traditional business phone



Designed to reduce power consumption for overall energy savings


12 programmable multi-function keys help improve productivity

A powerful communications tool that helps improve productivity,

enhance customer service and reduced costs when combined with MitelCollab Client

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Technical Specs
    • Two-line by 20-character white, backlit graphics display with contrast control and auto-dimming
    • Twelve programmable multi-function keys with dual-color LED indicators (for speed dialing, line appearances, feature access)
    • Eight function keys: hold, menu, message, speaker, mute, transfer / conference, redial, cancel
    • Browser-based desktop user tool programming for easy access to telephone system features
    • Handsfree speakerphone operation (full duplex)
    • Voice mail access – large message waiting lamp

    • Conference call setup
    • Automatic call distribution (ACD) agent support
    • Mitel Teleworker Solution support
    • Mitel Gigabit Ethernet Stand and Mitel MiVoice 5610 DECT Stand support
    • UCX and UCA support

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