Mitel Software Assurance

Mitel Software Assurance keeps you operating with optimum performance after day one implementation of your Mitel communication system. Entrust Software Assurance to deliver new software updates and applications as they become available, continuous operability via partner support and cyber security via patches and updates that will give you peace of mind for the platform you trust.

Software Assurance. The Experts Talk.

Reputed consultants in the Unified Communications Industry share their views on the value of software assurance and first-hand experiences of customers who were able to overcome challenging situations, from floods to ransomware attacks, along with some cases of organizations who were not prepared for the adversity. Don’t miss it!


The Value of Software Assurance & Support Contracts for Unified Communications
Real Cases of How Software Assurance & Support Contracts Make a Difference

The value of Mitel Software Assurance

Advantage and Premium Software Assurance

Two levels of Software Assurance for you to choose from and adapt to your needs:

Advantage SWA Premium SWA
Software Delivery entitlements

CloudLink access

  • Mitel Voice Assist
  • CloudLink Gateway and APIs
Yes Yes

Software Updates and Upgrades

  • Major software releases
  • Service packs
  • Security fixes
Yes Yes
Mitel Performance Analytics No Yes
Technical Support entitlements
24x7 Mitel Technical Support (*) Yes Yes
Enhanced Response Times and Ticket Updates during investigation No Yes
24x7 Scheduled Upgrade Assistance (*) No Yes
Access to Mitel Knowledge Base Yes Yes

* For MiVoice 5000, Technical Support and Scheduled Upgrade Assistance are 8 hours/day, 5 days/week.

Contact your Mitel Partner to find out more about Software Assurance for MiVoice Office products. For Mi Voice Connect, visit MiVoice Connect Support page. 

Mitel Software Assurance is the Right decision!

  • CloudLink

    CloudLink is Mitel’s next-generation Cloud platform that enables Partners, Customers and Vendors to build and deliver advanced applications quickly and enhances on-premises and subscription solutions with feature-rich cloud-based capabilities.

    Software Assurance provides you with continuous access to the gateway, APIs, and applications built on Mitel’s CloudLink platform.

    Mitel Software Assurance gives you access to selected applications like Mitel Voice Assist (New!), MiContact Center Business Web Chat, MiCollab Chat & Stream, MiTeam Meetings and integrations with third party applications.
  • Continuous operability

    You can eradicate or minimize expensive downtime with Mitel Software Assurance. Access Mitel’s Downtime Cost Calculator to find out the potential cost of downtime in your organization.
    Now, with Scheduled Upgrade Assistance service, a partner can leverage scheduled Mitel Third Line Support staff while the partner is performing your upgrade, to accelerate issue resolution and improve the chance of a successful upgrade.

    Mitel does provide adhoc tier-3 support only through Mitel Software Assurance. Systems with no Software Assurance will not benefit from Mitel's Technical Support Service, for hotfixes or any other support.
  • Security & Compliance

    Cyber-attacks cause the worst business disruptions, not only for the systems directly targeted, but potentially disrupting the operations of companies of all sizes. With regular patches and updates Mitel protects your system from cyber-attacks and viruses.
    Mitel is monitoring real-time global cyber security from ever-changing threats, for all its platforms, through its global customer base, Partners, Distributors, and Mitel engineers. When Mitel discovers a security threat, a Service Pack is released to update the systems and eliminate the threat. Mitel Security Advisories are published for moderate and high-risk security issues.

    Mitel will help you to meet IT and legal compliance for Unified Communications, as we are doing nowadays with customers around the world.
  • Software Updates

    Software Assurance is the best way to ensure your Mitel system meets new business needs in changing IT environments.
    With Software Assurance, Mitel provides software updates and ensures the suitability of Mitel Unified Communications for new tech frameworks, so they can continue to meet your evolving business needs.
    Change is the essence of IT!  Mitel Software Assurance is the only way to ensure the system remains adaptable to new environments.