Improve Healthcare Communications and Productivity

Truly seamless communications and collaboration lets you focus on patients and staff instead of processes. By modernising your existing healthcare communications systems to a Mitel on-site or private cloud phone system, you'll be a part of the digital healthcare transformation. You'll revolutionise your patient experience, regardless of whether you're a part of the NHS or are in the private healthcare sector, all while maintaining strict GDPR standards. Don't let outdated communications keep you from what matters most: improving people's lives. 

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Mortgage and Loan Application Situation Analysis

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Drive Operational Excellence to Avoid Employee Burnout


When workflows are more efficient, clinical staff can spend more time on patient care and less time on coordination tasks. Mitel's communication solutions for healthcare are securely integrated into your workflows to reduce the risk of bottlenecks in your processes, increase staff satisfaction, and ensure that employees receive the right  information at the right time.


  • Omnichannel Customer Experience

    MiContact Center Business provides a true omnichannel customer and agent experience that's integrated to your loan application workflow for optimal efficiency. Enhance your customer loan application journey and keep employees productive and engaged with Mitel's enterprise-grade, omnichannel customer experience management platform.
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  • Verify Identity via Voice Biometrics

    It is crucially important to have 100% confidence that the loan applicant is who is represented in the application.  By integrating sophisticated voice biometrics technology into the contact center workflow, clients are verified against their voice print in real-time so agents don't have to spend 2-5 minutes asking the client a series of verification questions, dramatically speeding up the verification step of the application process.

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  • Financial Services CRM Integrations

    Enhance customer experience, contain costs and improve staff and agent retention by providing customer information when they need it with a screen pop of the customer's account data including name, phone number, phone number they dialed, member ID, and the last selected account type and balance via integration to leading financial services CRM platforms.
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