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With modern businesses shifting to a hybrid work model, flexible collaboration and communication solutions are a necessity to help you create a workplace that delivers exceptional customer experience and employee experience and supports growth. With Mitel’s next gen unified communication and collaboration solutions, you can enjoy the flexibility and agility you need to accomplish more.



Mitel is a global market leader in business communications. Founded nearly 50 years ago, we help businesses and service providers connect, collaborate and provide innovative services to their customers. Our innovation and communications experts serve business users in more than 100 countries.

Why Unified Communications & Collaboration?


Compared to the use of separate phone systems, instant messaging, conferencing and email management tools, a UC&C system combines every element of business communication and presents them on a single dashboard. This offers significant productivity and collaboration benefits, while also being considerably easier for IT teams to manage. Also, Mitel is the expert getting best use out of your current UC&C infrastructure and then evolving it to support new and emerging business needs.

Benefits of UC&C

  • Connect Seamlessly

    With UC&C, you can achieve seamless integrations with your systems and create personalized experiences. That way it’s easier to capture one clear, consistent picture of customer interactions, as well as significantly boost the overall customer and employee experience. Combine this increased ease of use with reduced loss of data and a simpler omnichannel IT setup and the benefits become much clearer to see.
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  • Accelerate Collaboration & Productivity

    Allow employees from across your business to work together in near-real time; the right platform choices allow you to connect with customers, colleagues and suppliers across the globe, making it easier than ever to share ideas and have a voice. With more and more people using their mobile phone for business, and some of the best ideas coming when people are away from the office, it makes sense to allow them to share their ideas.
  • Enhance Customer Experience (CX)

    You need to engage with every customer call, click, text, chat or email quickly, smartly, and, of course, seamlessly. Mitel’s UC&C solutions can help you deliver the customer experience your customers demand. As well as providing one consistent record of every customer communication it also gives your business or organization the freedom to choose exactly how you communicate
  • Reduce Operational Costs

    Get rid of all unnecessary licenses and put them all together into one system to ease financial management and lower overall monthly costs.
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5 out of 5 Stars
“AllSaints now has a fully resilient and scalable Mitel UCaaS which provides a single experience across all 27 countries and 232 stores.” - Andy Dean, Technical Operations Manager, AllSaints
5 out of 5 Stars
“Clearing has been running entirely over the new Mitel infrastructure for the past few years, which has been a great success, with a notable improvement in call quality and handling times.” Graeme Roberts, Telecoms Manager, The University of Liverpool.
5 out of 5 Stars
“Instead of building a front end ourselves, we were able to bring in Mitel’s solution and very quickly set up a Google chatbot.” John Kelly, Head of Data Intelligence North Yorkshire County Council
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AllSaints consolidates country-specific telephony systems to a single hosted MiCloud platform with support from Opus Technology.

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Case Study
North Yorkshire County Council

A chatbot solution promised to provide the North Yorkshire County Council with a cost-effective way to offset the volume of calls and webchat requests coming into its internal IT service desk.

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