Coronavirus Response - Remote Working Resources

Here you’ll find resources to help promote remote work (work from home) activities during the current health crisis. MiCloud Connect customers can take advantage of Mitel Teamwork’s collaboration capabilities to maintain business continuity no matter where they’re working. And the best part? It’s already included with MiCloud Connect.

Need a quick starter course? Download the Remote Working with MiCloud Connect Playbook here. 

How MiCloud Connect Helps Employees Work From Home


Reference Tools:

Startup Guide for Mitel Teamwork
Teamwork Product Page
Mitel Teamwork Brochure



Mitel MiCloud Connect - Teleworker Options



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Starter Email

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Mitel Teamwork Videos:

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Sales Tip: How to Promote Teamwork (1:08)
Feature Tip: MiCloud Connect: All About Mitel Teamwork Conferencing (0:52)
Feature Tip: Business SMS Messaging (1:18)
Testimonial: Why I Use Teamwork - Collaboration - Caresse (1:04)
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Use Cases: 

Use Cases - MiCloud Connect - Remote Worker
Use Cases - MiCloud Connect - Siloed Teams


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