Mitel obtains Orange Business Services' Business Talk IP certification

September 10, 2012

Mitel (Nasdaq: MITL; TSX: MNW), a leading provider of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) software solutions, today announced that it has obtained certification from Orange Business Services, which guarantees optimal functioning of Mitel IP solutions with the Business Talk IP service in France. This certification further enhances Mitel’s ability to offer clients in France increased business communications flexibility.

Mitel IP solutions are based on Mitel’s open Freedom architecture which provides the flexibility and simplicity organizations need to support today's dynamic work environment. Through a single cloud-ready software stream, Mitel delivers a powerful suite of advanced communications and collaboration capabilities that enable organizations to implement best-of-breed solutions on any existing company network, and to integrate a full range of UCC tools into existing information systems. Mitel’s Freedom architecture also supports a broad choice of commercial options including deployment on standard industry servers, on a Mitel platform or in a virtualized or cloud based environment. This ensures that communications solutions are optimized to a company’s specific business objectives and integrated with existing network infrastructure and desktop applications.

Business Talk IP is an IP telephony service based on the SIP protocol which allows for voice convergence on corporate data networks while respecting regulatory obligations such as priority routing of emergency calls. Business Talk IP addresses the communications needs of primarily multi-site businesses already equipped with an IP telephony solution certified as compatible by Orange Business Services and with an available Business VPN network.

An industry pioneer and leader in the area UCC virtualization, Mitel has been offering virtualized solutions for several years. The use of the SIP protocol as an integral part of Mitel’s solutions offers a number of additional advantages including a unique voice and data connection, simplified material platforms, improved cost management and easier implementation of disaster recovery plans.

“At Mitel, we are committed to offering maximum flexibility to businesses choosing our solutions,” explains Luc Hallion, development director at Mitel. “In obtaining the Orange Business Services Business Talk IP certification we have added a historical French operator to our list of partners, further strengthening our ability to offering our customers extensive choice.”

““We have decided to move to an IP telephony system and unified communications to support our needs,” says Sylvie Gautier vice director of the Théophile Roussel Hospital – Montesson, “Mitel’s solutions, as proposed by integrator Ipsilan Networks, appeared to be the most relevant and the most reliable. This is reinforced by the fact that, in order to optimize our investment, we have also opted for Orange Business Services’ SIP Trunking offer. The large list of Mitel’s SIP trunking certifications allowed us to reinforce our choice of operator. We are nearing the end of the deployment phase and are highly satisfied with the results already obtained as well as with the teams’ on-going support.”


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