Mitel Unveils Enhancements to its Hospitality Portfolio at HITEC 2007

June 25, 2007

Mitel Unveils Enhancements to its Hospitality Portfolio at HITEC 2007

Mitel Unveils Enhancements to its Hospitality Portfolio at HITEC 2007

Introducing Tailored Applications to Enhance Guest Services, Increase Staff Productivity

“As a hospitality provider Mitel understands that hoteliers’ primary drivers are to reduce costs and increase staff efficiencies to ultimately enhance the guest experience,” said Mike Poloni, Mitel’s hospitality marketing manager for the Americas. “Mitel’s unified communications solutions tailored for the hospitality industry create opportunities for hoteliers to generate new revenue streams by promoting hotel and partner services on graphical displays on the guestroom phone and enhance guest service through presence-enabled applications that simplify hotel staff communications.” 

Enhancing the Guest Communications Experience
Critical to guest services are the hotel operator and concierge call handling capabilities to answer a guests’ request in a timely, efficient manner.

The Mitel 5550 IP Console, an advanced PC-based console and administration application, enables the operator to have multiple Busy Lamp Field (BLF) lists for hotel services staff. The operator can direct a guest call to a live person in a BLF list rather than go to voice mail.

Mitel’s Integrated Office Navigator provides the concierge with a simple-to-use PC client application that resides in the Microsoft® Windows® task bar providing access to telephony features at the touch of a button. The Navigator IP phone’s unique physical integration with a PC increases available desktop real estate and allows single field-of-view operation of phone and PC.

Integration with Microsoft® Office Live Communications Server 2005 and Microsoft® Office Communicator enhances the call handling capabilities and makes voice communications more effective for both the 5550 IP Console and Integrated Office Navigator. At-a-glance presence and availability information of hotel services allows hotel staff to route current and potential guests’ calls appropriately and answer guest queries immediately.

Revenue Generation Applications for the Hospitality Industry
Guests that want to use the guestroom phone for a higher voice quality call than what they experience on their cell phone can now be in control of how much they spend on calls. Using a custom application developed by Mitel that integrates with SDD JAZZ call accounting Web services application, guests can enter the phone number they wish to call and the cost is displayed on the phone giving them the opportunity to proceed or cancel the transaction. The cost of the call is updated each minute and at the end of the call, the phone displays the amount that will be charged to the room bill.

The Guest Room of the Future … Now
Mitel hospitality solutions include capabilities that can genuinely improve the guest experience. Using the display screen on Mitel’s 5300 series IP phones hoteliers can promote hotel amenities by inviting guests to book spa appointments and tee times, and order room service with the touch of a button.

Mitel has also increased phone mobility within the guestroom. The new Mitel Cordless Handset and Mitel Cordless Headset allow users to send and receive calls from their room phone and not be confined to the desk or bedside phone. Supported on the award-winning Mitel 5300 series IP phones, the Cordless Handset and Cordless Headset provide the user with the same features as their regular handset as well as providing superior acoustic quality.

Mitel widens the range of guest phone mobility options with its wireless application, which allows a guest’s provided wireless phone to be twinned to their room phone so calls ring on both devices ensuring important calls are never missed.

Scalability and Open Architecture
Mitel’s latest enhancements enable the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) to scale for hotel properties and resorts ranging from boutique hotels to large, full-service properties. Mitel’s open architecture supports industry-standard interfaces allowing for the integration of third-party SIP applications at the desktop and trunk, as well as traditional connections via IP for call accounting and property management systems.

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