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Anthony Gold 

Swift and efficient communication is essential in any business, and none moreso than the legal sector. When you have customers who are dependent on receiving factual and correct information quickly wherever they may be, you need to make sure your communications system is up to the job.

Anthony Gold realized it needed to review its telephony infrastructure because inter-site call traffic was increasing significantly. Anthony Gold has three offices in the London area, each with a different phone system, and the cost of maintaining and servicing these systems together with inter-site call costs had become significant enough for a detailed review. 
Anthony Gold was looking for a centralized solution that would enable them to maintain, program and configure from one site. This requirement was fundamentally underlined with a need to reduce inter-site call costs. 

    • To maintain, program and configure the system from one site
    • Reduce call costs
    • Streamline inter-site call traffic
    • Dramatically reduced call costs
    • Staff productivity increased
    • Inter-site communication streamlined via Unified Messaging 


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