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H1 Communication AB 

H1 recognizes that it serves as an important representation of each client’s brand. To truly go above and beyond baseline customer service, H1 required technology to support its goal of superior customer experience, no matter the industry.

In order to offer such high quality and customized service, H1 develops client-specific web applications that link directly to its Mitel contact center platform. For clients in the auto workshop industry, for example, this integration enables workshop employees  themselves to update information directly where H1 agents will access it during a customer interaction. This way, agents always have a full historical view of each customer’s account, including details of what type of work has been done on their vehicle and which workshop provided past service.

H1 agents and workshop employees can also communicate with one another to make sure agents have all the information they need to properly answer questions and quote the customer. By providing its agents with an instant connection to subject matterexperts and up-to-date information, H1 ensures its clients’ customers receive the best service possible.

"MiContact Center Enterprise is easily adaptable to customer-specific solutions, which means we can deliver greater value to customers beyond the traditional KPIs, such as availability, service level agreements (SLA), and average handle time (AHT)," said Magnus Larsson, CIO.

    • Offering 24/7 contact center services to clients in a variety of public and private sector industries
    • Handling over 40,000 customer engagements daily
    • Aiming to provide personalized and custom service that goes beyond a simple phone call
    • Ability to focus on superior customer experience thanks to minimal effort required for system maintenance and updates
    • Flexible contact center architecture with open APIs and toolkits for 3rd party integration enable H1 to link customer-specific solutions directly to contact center
    • Easy access to company-wide data for real-time statistics, monitoring, workforce management, financial follow-up, detailed data analysis, and forecasting

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