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Plexus Law

Plexus Law’s legacy communications system was too expensive to maintain and lacked flexibility and functionality, particularly for reception staff and remote workers. Plexus Law seamlessly moved to a Mitel solution that has dramatically improved communications internally and externally.

Plexus Law deployed an on-site solution, migrating from ISDN to SIP for over 900 users in six separate locations; MiCollab for conferencing, IM and presence, enabling full access to the phone system’s extensive call features, such as screen sharing and audio conferencing; MiContact Center for 15 users in specific departments with large inbound volumes; and MiVoice call recording was also installed centrally for all six sites.
“It’s been a refreshing change to have such a collaborative working relationship with Mitel, as the manufacturer often takes a step back once the solution has been sold. Mitel have been superb,” said Telecoms Engineer Matt Baker.

    • Replace a legacy system that was expensive to maintain and manage
    • Collaborate better internally
    • Route incoming calls quickly and efficiently
    • Give employees flexible and remote working options
    • Receptionist console made it easier for calls to be connected and transferred efficiently
    • Collaboration and conferencing tools improved communication both internally and externally
    • Enhanced resilience
    • Contact center functionality allowed calls to be routed directly to the right people

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