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Service Office International

With eight executive staff and 150 clients ranging in size from one to 20 people, five receptionists are needed to handle SOI’s high call traffic. Each call has to be answered on behalf of a client and managed with messaging and call through to a mobile, landline or computer. However, a 12-year old customized NEC 7400 system was holding back SOI’s business plans.

SOI’s business plans are being accelerated with Mitel. According to Michelle Mills, SOI is working on plans to become a nationwide business offering virtual offices and virtual receptionists without having to invest in physical offices. “Mitel enables us to get national number ranges and have them diverted to our system in Sydney without having to take on additional equipment or software.”

She said many of the systems SOI reviewed didn’t have the flexibility and features offered by Mitel. “Staff are finding it easier to manage the calls, capture information and improve their performance. With Mitel, we don’t have to worry about planning for additional extensions or changes.”

    • Better meet client demands
    • Provide support for a backup in the event of a fall over
    • A highly flexible, feature-rich communications solution that combines IP telephony, unified communications and collaboration in the one managed service
    • Greater productivity
    • Simple to manage and scalable solution that can accommodate 5 to 65,000 users
    • Very low total cost of ownership

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