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Six Payment Services

The company mostly targets customers in restaurants and high-class hotel chains, as well as parking operators. Six Payment Services’s business requires it to be constantly ready to listen to every concern and wish of its customers. Any failure would have a significant impact, not only on their financial situation, but also on their image and, therefore, on their relationship of trust with their customers.

“What Mitel provides us with  and what others couldn’t  was significant value-add in terms of additional applications that we could run across our virtualized voice infrastructure to give us more manageability, flexibility and more sophisticated and adaptable report generation potential,” said Benoît Collet, Director of IT at Six Payment Services Luxembourg.

    • Decentralized, unified and flexible telephone system 
    • Permanently available infrastructure and solution 
    • Integration and cooperation across all sites and their respective infrastructures 
    • Greater mobility for employees 
    • Lower internal communication costs 
    • Strengthening of external telecommunications 
    • Harmonized and resilient telephone infrastructure 
    • Centralized management of communications infrastructure 
    • Unified communications functions 
    • Reduction of costs between sites 
    • Increased support for employee mobility 
    • 24/7 customer service 

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Söderberg & Partners

Söderberg & Partners probó la solución MiContact Center Business más reciente de Mitel, que brindó con éxito una experiencia del cliente omnicanal.

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