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6 Key Components of a Cloud-Based UC Offering

6 Key Components of a Cloud-Based UC Offering

In today’s increasingly hyperconnected and hypercompetitive world, businesses need to excel at communications and collaboration – otherwise they risk missing out on potential growth opportunities and fall behind their competition. Unified communications (UC) solutions can enable organizations to not only improve collaboration, but enhance worker productivity and customer service.

These solutions provide effective ways for people to constantly keep in touch – regardless of location or communications device. One of the most efficient delivery models for UC is cloud computing, which is fast becoming the IT delivery mechanism of choice for enterprises today. Some organizations are farther along with their use of cloud services than others, however for many companies, migration to the cloud will take an evolutionary path, rather than happening overnight. In fact, over the next decade, organizations will likely have a mix of cloud and on-premises solutions for their applications and infrastructure components.

This technology primer describes the key components of unified communications and the different types of cloud services companies can use to deliver UC capabilities to users. It will help business and IT decision makers who are considering a deployment of cloud-based UC to get up to speed on the underlying technologies. By having a better understanding, decision makers will be better equipped to make the right choices for their organizations.

6 Key Components of Unified Communications

The term “unified communications” can mean different things to different people, and various definitions exist in the market. This can create confusion for IT and business decision makers, particularly because of the multiple approaches and solutions available. In general, UC solutions encompass the following key elements and capabilities.

6 Key Components of Unified Communications:

• Collaboration
• Presence
• Unified Messaging
• Mobility
• Contact Center
• Integration with Other Business Applications

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