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Creating a Communication-led Business

Creating a Communication-led Business

Effective communication and collaboration is becoming ever more critical for today’s businesses and, as such, unified communications (UC) looks set to become an important strategy.

Growth is expected to return to the UC market in 2013, after a slight fall in 2012 due to tough economic conditions across the world and notably a downturn in room-based videoconferencing solutions. MZA’s analysis of the global UC market also gives reason to believe that return on investment will become easier to prove, as further UC deployment case studies are achieved and shown to offer value.
Stand-alone bespoke solutions, notably with options for opex rather than capex investment, will also enable more companies to take advantage of UC without having to commit to long-term, upfront investments.

However, demands from consumers - now a key driving force behind technology in the workplace - will become more advanced, which will impact communication and collaboration approaches. It is expected that the application of UC will adapt as increasingly innovative communications solutions are launched. These will help the business need but importantly ensure the intuitive user experience that will help drive adoption and in turn deliver the real business benefits.

The anticipated growth of the UC market and increasing demand for advanced technology applications from workers means it is more important than ever for companies to embrace new ways of communicating and start benefiting from the changing nature of collaboration in the workplace.

Stephanie Watson, General Manager, MZA Telecoms & IT Analysts


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