Bring your own device — flexibility and connectivity for the modern era

Bring your own device

The demand for flexible communication technology across multiple devices is growing, and taking advantage of what this technology has to offer shouldn’t claim a huge portion of your budget every year. You need adaptable communications that leverages existing devices. Mitel’s bring your own device (BYOD) solutions are the common-sense way to move your business forward, strategically and effectively.

Cost savings

Eliminate the need to constantly buy new devices and equipment.

Employee satisfaction

Attract and retain top performers by providing the flexibility they crave.

Productivity enhancement

Improve employee productivity by two hours each day while maintaining seamless connectivity.

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Make your device work for you

By adopting bring your own device policies, you provide more flexibility and connectivity to your employees and earn significant savings for your business. Mitel’s collaboration, voice and video solutions connect your employees’ devices while providing advanced and comprehensive communications technology.

People no longer conduct all work communication in person, nor do they have to. Your team can interact more quickly and productively from their own devices wherever they are with Mitel collaboration software and solutions.

With MiCollab, users can communicate in real-time, sharing ideas, information and documents easily. From holding scheduled or ad hoc conferences to multi-point video conferencing to web-based collaboration software, MiCollab maximizes communications seamlessly across employees’ various devices.
Businesses are increasingly required to do more with less. Mitel’s unified communications platforms address that need, no matter the size of the business, in ways that fit within existing infrastructure and are simple to manage and deploy.

This includes intelligent twinning, which can connect a mobile phone with a desk phone, allowing an employee to answer a call on whichever phone works best for them—call forwarding for the modern era.
With employees more mobile than ever, the need for video communications that looks and feels like everyone is actually in the room is crucial. Video solutions make videoconferencing as easy as making a phone call.

Turn an audio conference into a virtual meeting without the need for a third-party service, easily share documents through a video conferencing phone in the middle of a conference and more.