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For small and mid-size businesses (SMBs), managing growth is one of the biggest challenges. Fortunately, chatbots are poised to help, saving SMBs valuable time, money and resources so they can compete with enterprises.

Optimización de Costes y TCO | September 11, 2017

When you combine business communications, mobility and the cloud, something wonderful happens: borders disappear, barriers collapse, costs drop, and productivity rises. It’s happening today at businesses around the globe through the power of cloud communications. If this sounds like the kind of business you want, it’s time to move your voice, collaboration and customer service to the cloud.


Optimización de Costes y TCO | August 21, 2017

Writing a request for proposal can be complicated. With these 11 tips to writing a business communications RFP, you’ll find the best vendor for your needs.


For government, education and nonprofit agencies, the RFP has long been the primary way of making large technology purchases.


Shadow IT is much more prevalent than companies think—and it’s costing a fortune. Could clunky cloud applications be to blame?