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“During my time here, I've bettered my analytical skills as well as developed new professional skills that will carry me through my career.”
Anthony Tran, Marketing

Meet Tasha

“I really enjoyed writing during my time at Mitel. I was able to improve my writing abilities in a professional context while writing for blog posts, newsletter copy and marketing materials.”
Tasha Young, Marketing

Meet Michael

“The environment here is so welcoming and warming that I felt like I was really part of the team when I came in. I didn't feel isolated, like the intern that just got coffee or printed papers. I was actually doing real work that my boss gave me, that helped the company in their day to day operations.”
Michael Butler, Digital Marketing

Internship FAQ:

  1. Are the internships paid or un-paid?
    Our Intern program varies by location but in most cases Mitel internships are paid.
  2. How many hours a week is the internship?
    Internship hours vary by location but we are flexible and can work with your schedule.
  3. Will I get college credit for my internship?
    It depends on what university you attend. We work with multiple universities and may be able to give you college credit. Please check with the human resources contact at your desired internship location.
  4. What business areas have internships?
    Internships are available at Mitel in marketing, sales, human resources, finance, accounting, engineering, and research and development.
  5. What will I be doing on my internship at Mitel?
    At Mitel you won’t be doing coffee runs or picking up dry cleaning. You will be doing real and meaningful projects that directly impact the business.