World Travel First Class with Mitel IP Communications

September 24, 2007

World Travel First Class with Mitel IP Communications

World Travel First Class with Mitel IP Communications

Excellent customer service and continued growth reasons for migration

“The decision to go with the award-winning Mitel Customer Interaction Solution over competition from industry heavyweights was based upon its robust features and ease of use,” said George Gadebusch, chief information officer, World Travel. “We needed to spread out our work force and provide flexible solutions. Our business has grown so rapidly that we did not the have physical space available in our contact centers so we needed to explore the Mitel Teleworker Solution allowing agents to work remotely. With a limited pool of experienced travel agents in this immediate area, the virtual contact center, combined with the Teleworker Solution, successfully addressed our need to look beyond traditional boundaries to recruit from other regions.”

With 450 employees working in five main reservation centers as well as over five dozen remote locations, World Travel required the ability to control call flow to meet demand while seamlessly providing dedicated agents to its customers.

“Mitel’s solution provides excellent customer service allowing us to attract and retain customers,” Gadebusch added. “Though currently there are other methods of making travel arrangements, such as self-service online booking, at least 80 percent of bookings are still made via traditional phone contact with our dedicated agents. Additionally, the ability to utilize four-digit dialing between our sites adds to our configuration options by eliminating the need for co-located agent teams.”

The Mitel Contact Center Management solution provides World Travel with advanced, browser-based capabilities for reporting on all agents and queues over any date and time horizon by viewing historical events for a particular date, in simulated real time as well as real-time monitoring of all contact center activities for queues and agents.

This allows for effective contact center management to accurately forecast workload at the desired level of service. Supervisors can also respond instantly to changing traffic volumes and ensure service levels are maintained by deploying calls to idle agents wherever they are, a feature that World Travel has used extensively with its dispersed agents.

“World Travel is a great example of how Mitel solutions allow a company to hire not just remote contact center workers, but also the best agents regardless of their geographical location,” said Mitel chief executive officer Don Smith. “Mitel’s Customer Interaction Solutions makes it possible for agents to work from remote locations and have access to all the features and functions of the corporate office. This gives the agents a virtual presence in the office even as they worked from home.”

Together with Mitel, VoIP Networks was instrumental in illustrating the many benefits of Mitel IP communications to World Travel and assisting in the installation. “World Travel presented VoIP Networks with many challenging opportunities to better improve the overall customer experience,” said Chuck Reagan, chief executive officer, VoIP Networks. “Partnering with Mitel’s proven Teleworker and Mitel Contact Centre Management Solution enabled VoIP Networks to deploy a best-in-breed solution that is scalable, feature rich and a perfect fit for World Travel’s distributed business model.”

About World Travel, Inc.
World Travel, Inc. is a professional travel management company focusing upon mid-market volume clientele and recognized within the top 1 percent nationally of Business TMC’s in the United States. World Travel, Inc.’s total sales for 2006 exceeds $450 Million. Corporate office is based in Pennsylvania with six reservation centers and numerous client onsite locations nationwide servicing customers on a national and global basis.  Further information is available about World Travel at

About VoIP Networks
VoIP Networks (formerly Worldwide Telecom) is the leading provider of Mitel VoIP solutions in the United States. Our commitment to excellence in customer service and technical innovation are the reasons that VoIP Networks was selected as Platinum VAR of the Year for 2006. Headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, VoIP Networks has been providing state of the art communications and data solutions since 1982.

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