Mowbray College Unifies Communications Across Campuses with Mitel

May 21, 2009

Mowbray College Unifies Communications Across Campuses with Mitel

Mowbray College Unifies Communications Across Campuses with Mitel

Mowbray College Unifies Communications Across Campuses with Mitel


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Mowbray College has three campuses on the western edge of metropolitan Melbourne, and a fourth campus located near Shanghai in China.

There are approximately 1,500 students enrolled across Mowbray College's campuses, with a total of 200 teachers and administration staff. IT operations are run from the Melton campus. Teaching facilities are spread across the campuses. In addition, some subjects are only offered at a single campus, resulting in some students travelling via bus between campuses. As a result, teachers and staff need to constantly communicate between campuses.

Daryl English head of ICT Services for Mowbray College commented, "Our previous phone system used to have a PABX at each site with very simple call handling. Few of our staff had their own phone extensions, so calls were routed to areas rather than people. This led to significant staff time being spent manually picking up calls and taking messages. In addition, the system was expensive to run and expensive to support across our multi-campus environment. We went through a formal tender process and found that Mitel's solution offered us the ability to significantly reduce our costs, while giving us the flexibility to easily grow our system in the future."

A single Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) located at the Melton campus was chosen to handle all voice communications across the Australian campuses, replacing three traditional PABX systems. Servers and applications were upgraded, and moved to a fully managed co-location facility, linked to the campuses via a high speed fibre network.

The Mitel IP communications solution incorporates Mitel Live Business Gateway and Mitel IP phones for teachers and administrators. Live Business Gateway seamlessly integrates the Mitel solution with both Microsoft Office Communicator and Active Directory. The Microsoft Office Communicator softphone has been deployed for some users, allowing them to make phone calls directly from their computer to any Mitel phone handset, as well as make calls to external phone numbers.

The entire IT infrastructure solution was designed and implemented by Icomm, a Melbourne based Mitel PremierPARTNER. Icomm will provide ongoing remote management and support for the entire data and voice infrastructure, as well as for servers and equipment at the co-location facility.

In order to improve staff productivity, teachers and administration staff now have dedicated phone extensions and voice mail. The automated school staff directory can able to be accessed directly from each phone or via computer. The phone directory is automatically synchronised with Active Directory, which controls all access to computers and applications.

Unified communications features have been implemented across the campuses. Voice mail messages are now accessible via Mitel handsets or via Office Communicator. The Office Communicator softphone is able to make IP phone calls from any Windows computer, allowing staff to work more effectively from home.

Daryl English, continued, "Mitel has helped us to get more from our IT budget, while making it easy for us to grow in the future. Our Mitel solution has allowed us to centralise the management of our IP communications and seamlessly integrate our phones with our Microsoft applications. Whenever a phone used to ring, our staff would have to stop working and spend time taking messages for colleagues. Our unified communications solution has helped us to greatly reduce that wasted effort, and helped us to lift our productivity."

Gwilym Funnell, Mitel vice president for Asia Pacific commented, "Many organisations are looking for effective ways to improve employee productivity while getting more from their IT budget. Mitel's IP communications solutions can help organisations to reduce communications costs, and make it easier for employees to get their jobs done. We offer easy integration with Microsoft applications and active directory, so customers can get the most from their existing investments in software applications."

About Mowbray College
Mowbray College is an Australian independent educational college catering for students from Pre-school to year 12. Mowbray College has three campuses on the western edge of metropolitan Melbourne, and a fourth campus located near Shanghai in China.

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