10 Ways to Avoid a Customer Experience Horror Story

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Improving customer experience is a top priority for today’s executive because of the impact it can have on the bottom line. With the variety of communication methods now available, managing the customer experience is more complex than ever before. For today’s contact centers, it’s vital to study customer service best practices from a variety of verticals to learn and adapt your strategy for success — which is why we’re looking to help out.

Download the article for some harrowing tales of terror from prominent customer service experts, and find out how they were resolved — or how they could have been avoided in the first place.


Check out these excerpts from the experts:

“Processes and categories only go so far when dealing with human beings.”
Jeannie Walters, CEO, 360 Connect

“Convey the right information from the beginning.”
Roy Atkinson, Senior Writer/Analyst, UBM Tech

“You always have control to deliver amazing customer experiences.”
Shep Hyken, CAO, Shepard Presentations

“Mistakes happen. It’s what happens next that matters.”
Dave Evans, VP Social Strategy, Lithium


11 Lessons for Avoiding Your Own Horror Stories

  1. Invest in measuring, monitoring and incentivizing consumer-centric behaviors.
  2. A single interaction can make or break a customer experience.
  3. Understand the customer’s end-to-end experience to avoid breaks in the chain.
  4. Don’t wait for customers to contact you. They love when you take the initiative.
  5. Don’t make it difficult to do business with you—make it enjoyable.
  6. Constantly monitor interaction quality and be on the look out for “bad seeds.”
  7. Use your data to improve your customer experience—it’s full of hidden gems.
  8. Eliminate issues out of agents’ control so they can put their best feet forward.
  9. Know your customers well and treat them well—loyalty drives revenue.
  10. Your customers are always evolving, so take the opportunity to grow with them.
  11. Give agents tools and scripts to ensure they deliver the right message the first time.


Making the Best of Your Contact Center Experience

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