Case Study: CMC Technology Group and Mitel Premium Software Assurance

Mitel channel partner CMC Technology Group recommends Premium Software Assurance to all customers. The reason? Mitel Performance Analytics fault & performance management software. Now included as part of Premium Software Assurance, Mitel Performance Analytics proactively detects problems on customer networks, and gives channel partners the tools to resolve them quickly.


Mitel’s Premium Software Assurance has always played a role in CMCTG’s service offering to customers. Until recently, the company recommended it to certain customers - typically those with mission-critical operations, like hospitals or schools. The Premium Software Assurance subscription offered these customers software updates & upgrades, and 24/7 access to Mitel’s support technicians.

In 2014, the Premium Software Assurance offering grew to include a Mitel Performance Analytics license entitlement, for channel partners on premise-based product sales. Mitel Performance Analytics is Mitel’s fault & performance management software as a service. Accessible via standard web browser from anywhere in the world, Mitel Performance Analytics monitors customer networks, alerting technicians in real-time when problems are detected, and providing secure remote access and testing tools to address them before customers are impacted.

Committed to delivering industry-leading support and service, CMCTG needed a solution that would make it easier to monitor and manage the performance of their customer’s Mitel systems. They decided to take a closer look at Mitel Performance Analytics, to determine its value as part of Mitel’s Premium Software Assurance subscription.


The value of Mitel Performance Analytics quickly became clear to CMC Technology Group, and today the company sees Premium Software Assurance as a standard component of the service offering for all customers: “Mitel Performance Analytics is now a key part of our maintenance program for all customers, allowing us to deliver a complete monitoring solution”, said Mike Pratt of CMC Technology Group. “It was a fairly simple set-up and is easy to use. Mitel Performance Analytics gives us a tangible way to show customers the value of having Premium SWA with Mitel”.

CMCTG’s customers know that service quality matters. Sebasticook Family Doctors is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Maine with five locations:
“We receive greater value for money with the inclusion of Mitel Performance Analytics in Mitel’s Premium Software Assurance subscription” said Robin Winslow, CEO of Sebasticook Family Doctors. “Mitel Performance Analytics prevents problems on the network from impacting our business. Whether a voice quality or system issue, we have confidence that the tools in Mitel Performance Analytics will ensure service quality isn’t impacted”, said Ms. Winslow.

 “Mitel Performance Analytics is the reason we now recommend Mitel Premium Software Assurance to all customers. In the past, we typically recommended Premium Software Assurance only to customers with mission-critical requirements for 24x7 access to Mitel support. Now, with Mitel Performance Analytics, it’s a key part of our maintenance program for all customers, allowing us to deliver a complete monitoring solution”.

Mike Pratt,
CMC Technology Group

More on Mitel Performance Analytics

Mitel’s fault & performance management software monitors the performance of Mitel equipment on customer networks on a 24x7 basis, sending an alert when an issue is detected. Once detected, problems can be addressed by the partner using the solution’s secure remote access feature, as well as a suite of active testing tools. To validate SLAs and provide insight into device performance, Mitel Performance Analytics also includes Reports.