Case Study: Swisher Hygiene

Swisher Hygiene (NASDAQ: SWSH) is the leading provider of commercial hygiene products and services in North America, with more than 30,000 customers. Founded in 1986, Swisher offers a proven, affordable and convenient service to businesses in industries such as hospitality, retail, healthcare, foodservice and education.

About Swisher Hygiene

Customer Needs

  • Pinpoint issues quickly
  • Manage multiple components
  • Maintain uptime

Solution Components

  • Remote access for simple and low cost troubleshooting
  • Real-time alerts for early detection of problems
  • Isolate problem to correct location/ISP

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Swisher also has remote sales and support locations throughout the United States. As a business that prides itself on stellar customer service, keeping voice and data systems running smoothly across all locations is important to Swisher.

The company relies on South Florida-based Mitel authorizedPARTNER ComRes to ensure their business communication systems are the best that they can be. One of a small group of Mitel partners who have achieved Mitel’s Voice Virtualization Specialist certification, ComRes is a technology partner for businesses across the United States. Since 1988, ComRes has delivered managed service solutions for telephone systems, surveillance, phone and computer cabling and computer networks. ComRes worked with Swisher to understand its business communications needs, and recommended a Mitel Unified Communication (UC) solution. Today, over 300 Mitel IP phones are deployed in more than 100 Swisher locations across the United States, with the MiVoice Business platform, MiVoice Border Gateway servers and Mitel 3300 controller installed in their Charlotte headquarters.


Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has changed business communications, reducing the cost of communications between headquarters and multiple remote locations. Compared to traditional systems, IP phones are more cost effective, with long distance costs eliminated. Mitel UC systems bring a new level of flexibility and operational efficiency to businesses, facilitating improved collaboration with capabilities such as document sharing, visual support of phone calls and more flexible messaging and voice mail. Additionally, VoIP systems deliver improved voice quality over their traditional counterparts.

While the shift towards IP-based telephone systems has brought huge improvements in cost and service to Swisher, there remains significant complexity in this widespread business communications network. Many remote locations means multiple regional ISPs (internet service providers), and several connection types, including DSL, cable and T1.

Potential network issues such as reduced voice quality or bandwidth availability can be difficult to detect and address. Customer service is critical for Swisher, so ongoing uptime of the Mitel business communication system plays a key role in delivering on their service commitment. With a significant investment in sophisticated communications equipment, Swisher needed to ensure its network could be monitored and supported on a 24/7 basis.


ComRes understood the challenges that Swisher faced in managing this leading-edge business communications network. To offer Swisher the assurance of an alwaysmonitored network, ComRes deployed Mitel Performance Analytics. Designed specifically for Mitel systems, Mitel Performance Analytics is software that offers secure remote access to networks anywhere in the world, delivering 24/7 performance and availability monitoring of Mitel UC equipment and applications, as well as the associated network infrastructure. To extend the value of the service, Mitel Performance Analytics also delivers alerts in realtime when issues are detected.

“The Mitel Performance Analytics system has given us confidence in the reliability of our phone systems. The system’s monitoring and alerts ensure that performance or availability issues can be addressed early, helping us to avoid downtime and disruption to service. In addition, secure access to remote locations eliminates the cost of onsite visits for troubleshooting. Mitel Performance Analytics is a cost-saver that has delivered a solid return on investment for Swisher”.

Brian McSweeney, Systems Administration Manager Information Technology
Swisher Hygiene

For Swisher, the result is peace of mind – and a reduction in the cost of supporting their network. ComRes Operations Manager Chris Jochum agrees that Mitel Performance Analytics reduces the cost of supporting Mitel UC systems. He notes that the system also reduces the complexity of networks
like Swisher’s, pinpointing the cause of an issue more specifically: “In a geographically widespread network, there are multiple components, including different ISPs and internet connection types. That makes it more difficult to know what is causing a problem. With Mitel Performance Analytics, we can isolate an issue more specifically to the right location or ISP, and access these locations remotely. The Mitel Performance Analytics solution helps us be proactive and address issues before they can cause downtime for the customer”, said Mr. Jochum.

Deployed in close to 1000 enterprise and service provider networks around the world, Mitel Performance Analytics leads the industry when it comes to depth of visibility into Mitel UC systems. In fact, Mitel Performance Analytics offers visibility right down to the IP handset. Mitel Performance Analytics monitors IP handsets connected to MiVoice Business, offering an inventory of all remote IP telephones, including their status of in service, disconnected, never connected or unprogrammed. This depth of visibility is another reason that Mitel Performance Analytics has become the solution of choice for monitoring and managing Mitel IP phone systems.