Cloud X.0: The True Experience

By the Experts at Mitel

As the workforce and consumers evolve, the cloud experience that had been promised continues to fall short of our expectations. Poor call quality mixed with a plethora of disjointed applications bolted to rooted-in-the-office systems have never delivered what cloud telephony was supposed to represent.

Until now.

The Cloud X.0 Experience is a transition from amateur hacks that were built in basements to a standardized tried-and-true commercial solution.

Topics to be covered in this event:
Why today's technology fails to deliver the experience you want
What you should expect and receive from your cloud communication provider now and in the future

How consumer expectations have changed the workforce.


 Saad Abughazaleh
 Director of Marketing,  Cloud Solutions 


 Ryan Smith
 Director,  Cloud  Marketing


 Paula Bernier
 Executive  Editor
 CUSTOMER  Magazine