Customer Snapshot: Bancroft

“[Mitel] has helped us unify our communications company-wide, enabling our staff, patients, and family members to stay connected. Moving to the Cloud allows us to see significant cost savings and be more agile.” -Fina Nash, VP of Information Technology Bancroft

Company Info:

  • Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Industry: Non-Profit Healthcare Organization • Website:


  • VP of IT inherited a communications network stitched together from five different phone systems and different carriers

  • Limited calling features including no direct dial capabilities between sites

  • Small IT staff was spending too much time and money maintaining communications


  • Reduced cost and complexity in their communications system

  • New productivity-enhancing features— particularly for mobile employees

  • Looking for a cloud-based communications platform as part of their all-in-the-cloud strategy


• MiCloud


  • Substantial cost savings through line consolidation and site-to-site direct dialing

  • Higher employee productivity through new calling features such as Follow Me

  • Agility to quickly move/add/change phone numbers without IT involvement

  • An improved, unified communications experience for employees, patients, and their families